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WTB: BTSSB/AATP Stained Glass Angel/Koitsukihime/Seraphim Print

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I'd like to buy Stained Glass/Koitsukihime print whether it's the original release from Baby the Stars Shine Bright or the Alice and the Pirates re-release. I prefer the OPs (in either color), but I'm interested in the skirts or JSKs in black if you are willing to sell them. Please tell me your price in the comment. :)
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DS: BTSSB Tartan JSK and Double Decker Engineer Boots

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Terms of Sale
  • Payment Methods: Paypal prefered, but I also accept money orders and concealed cash
  • Those paying through Credit Card Paypal are responsible for 4% 'handling' fees.
  • I am located in United States
  • Buyers Outside of the United States: Please ask about shipping costs
  • I will not hold an item for you without a 20% nonrefundable deposit.
  • No returns, all sales are final
  • The person who says "Invoice me at ________ ." has priority. I don't do holds unless you are the only person interested in that item.
  • Shipping insurance is mandatory for all purchases

Feel free to ask questions if you have any!

Baby Tartan One Piece

This dress was released in 2005 by Baby and it is the basically the same as the one Momoko wore in the Shimotsuma Monogatari. It is in excellent condition (including the cotton lace shown above). It comes with a small red pannier.

Dress length: about 88 cm
bust: about 88 cm
waist: about 78 cm

Price: $115